Currency strength indicator 5min time frame


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Hi there!
I made a a currency strenght indicator. It helps me find the safest entries. I just have to find two currency which is going in different directions.
The pictures are an example:
At the 10th of january at 10:30 AM CHF starts to weaken and at that time AUD is already strenghtening.
So its optimal to make long position on AUD/CHF.


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Hi everyone!
I made a video with my son to make some things clear about my system.
It’s short and maybe we missed some points, but if needed we will make another one.


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Hi everyone!

My system watches this many currency pairs, so that we can safely assume the direction of the currencies. The data always comes from the present, not from the past.

Let's look at this picture. At that day looking after the trendlines, we can conclude that the CHF is weakening. On it's own this information is not enough. We have to find another currency which shows this much of trend in the opposite direction, and with the same strenght.(I mean that most of the pairs where that currency is in shows that currency is strenghtening.)

In my system i search these opportunities where the currencies show the most contradiction, so the direction i am betting money on, is established with the most information i can get.

With these precautions we can determine the big trends, the trends that are set by the big national banks. From the picture we can assume that it's the Swiss National Bank's interest to weaken their money, and it would be stupid to bet against them.


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hey M

great to see someone’s else discussing strengthmeters

are you using an MA based system to show directional strengths of the currencies ?

or something else ?

looks interesting