Currency Strength and Trend for Trade Setups


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Most Forex traders focus on Trend Analysis of Currency Pairs.

But we know that these relationships are based upon the underlying
strengths of Currencies themselves.

I've done R&D for years on such ideas, and determined that having
the ability to do Trend Analysis on Currency Strengths is the best
basis for choosing good Currency Pair trade setups.

The London Open is the single biggest daily move, in general,
and has the distinct advantage that it is always a "known" and
predictable event.

Therefore, prior to the London Open, in the 1-2 hours prior to the
event, we are able to choose "high probability" pair relationships
which we can "fade". We need a history of each Currency strength
in order to do a crude "trend analysis" for each Currency, and to
see the Currency relative strengths, of course, as shown.

Example shown predicts SELL GBP/JPY as we "fade" the strengths
of each GBP (which may drop) and JPY (which exhibits a "hook"
downwards setup, and may rise).

Now, it is unlikely this trade will go much against you if you are
wrong, but there is a higher probability it will go your way.

An 80-100 PIP move took place, so this illustrates a method of
choosing Currency Pairs, based upon stable data on Currency


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I'll also add this chart showing Currency Strength relationships of
the past couple of weeks.

The ability to have a "stable" relative strength historical record
opens up possibilities which help us to choose which Currency
Pairs might be most effective.

Most "cheap" or "toy" Currency Meters use the same principles
but they are based upon maybe a reference base of the prior
day. This means they are not "stable" over time.

When I wrote this facility, I made sure to use a "rolling" prior
reference period of about 10 days so that we would not see
the discontinuities which might appear, which would make
Trend determination impossible.

This is not a "fixed system" for choosing trades and, of course,
Trader knowledge and experience is required.

Attached is a view over a couple of weeks for the 8 Major
Currencies used in most Currency Meters. There's a lot more
than just this information, but the emphasis is on helping
to choose short term and longer term Trade Setups.

After all, we are not playing with "currency meter toys" but
Making Money, right ? :) LOL




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Currency Strength Trend Site Free Area


Forex traders are often confused how to understand the market.
I propose that Analysis and trade choices begin with Currency Strengths,
rather than Price Charts for Currency Pairs.

The following page has information on realtime Currency Trend Analysis and
runs whenever the Forex market is open.

Feel free to use the data, and email for any questions you may have
on how to use the information in trading. The data consists of screenshots of
various charts some of which are self-explanatory for Currency
Strengths, including data for 8 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 96 hours and
350 hours.

I can clarify the data for you, on request, but in depth training is
not offered free. A desktop local version of the software is available
by special arrangement. Questions to hyperscalper at gmail dot com has various videos on the subject
of Currency based Forex trading methods. Let me know if you want to
hear some specific aspect clarified.

"Begin with Currencies, and then choose Currency Pairs for market

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