Crypto Trade of the Week

Bulletproof Traders in-house trading activities presents one of our recent trade executions on the Bitcoin. Targeting the long-term cycle, we believe the price of Bitcoin is heading North, towards the key levels $14,500. Nevertheless, we believe the short-term cycle is actualy on the downside. We can take advantage of a quick drop to the levels of $8000 in order to double down and reinforce our position size right before price finishes up this consolidation phase and resume the original up trend.

I buy all the time, but I don't need that much. If I buy 1 or 2 bits from you, will it be profitable, and what terms? It would be nice to cooperate, and now it isn't easy to find adequate and reliable partners in this business. Everyone is trying to cheat somehow or win more from the best actions. Now I gradually started working more with companies and brokers or with bitcoin mixer. In the future, there are plans to expand and work systematically and on a large scale, then it will be possible to adjust the market at least a little and change it.
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