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Hi, so i trade the usual markets, but have been watching crypto not knowing much.After seeing countless times crypto tokens going over 10x,50x, even 100x i had to take a look.I went from trading bitcoin,etherium, to trading smaller stuff like solana,matic, then i found alt coins!

Remember how crazy IPO's were back in the late 90's, thats whats happening now. There are these launchpads, like seedify,polkastarter,safelaunch, and many many more. They allow you to buy in at private prices or before the token go public. These are the one that can go 100x from your price. The only thing that sucks with launchers is you have to buy the launchers token, to get allocation or a chance to win a lottery. This can be many $1000 dollars to get a shot. For instance seedify has guaranteed allocation, for $1000 of seedify token, you got an allocation of $5 of cyptomeda,of course it went up alot like 10x or something, but still.

Which brings me to pools, like OIG or PlanktonSnowCapital, these places, you dont have to hold tokens, they just take a percentage of your investment, i think around 15-20%. So all of your capital can go towards the private purchase of tokens instead of buying the tokens of launchers.Like go to PlanktonSnowCapital webpage and they have a chart showing you what they have brought out, a 5k investment a couple months ago is now 35k or something.

No matter which way you go, launchers or pools, you have to take advatage of this time of the market, which only comes around in a generation.I never thought i would see the bubble of the late 90's again, this time im going to take full advantage of it!

I have a bunch invested with PlanktonSnowCapital, that is listing late september, ill comeback then and let you know how i did :) BloxMove,Defina,Cryptoblades kingdom,Rocosoft,Orion Money, and Privi.


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I am interested to know about your crypto trading strategy, can you share more about it here?


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I am interested to know about your crypto trading strategy, can you share more about it here?
what did you want to know?
I am basically getting in crypto projects at private offering prices before they publicly list.
When you get in on private listings, they have vesting schedules, so for example, maybe you get 20% tokens released on the listing, then 10% every month until finished. The listing alot of times is so hyped, that the tokens go 10-20x immediately, if i can get out of my 20% lot at 5x or more, then the 80% of the tokens i have left is risk free.


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I like participating in the ICO more. Almost always a good profit after them. Now I have invested 5000 IDIA in Ariadne on impossible finance. I think I can earn 1000+ $. I’ve seen many people that were selling their knowledge to others and I was pretty disappointed to see that there’s not recipe to success. Lately, I’ve started to learn about how to buy solana and I’m thinking about using a digital wallet. I would rather have everything that I know in my possession than trust someone else with this. Call me skeptical, but I don’t want to get scammed. In this domain, you can lose everything in seconds if you don’t have good passwords and different ways of protecting your earnings
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