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although my gif charts are only about 25/30k they
can fall foul of your 1000 x 1000 limit.
-and just have -

as a lot of my charts are set to 1024x768 could we not just squeeze the upper limit a bit more ?

just 24 pixels would do !

Why dont you just edit them in a package like PaintshopPro as it is very easy ?

Hi Bonsai

1024 is very wide :(
I would reduce the size of the window before capturing it. It's the way I get around it :)
Hi bonsai,

Ideally reducing them in size is the best thing to do - but at the same time I'd rather you post an oversized chart than no chart at all - not sure what others think? What would be the ideal situation? If the image starts to stretch the page, then rather than show it, provide a link to a pop-up window to display it. I think it's when it stretches the window and it become difficult to read the text on the page that it becomes a problem.

So, I'll increase it those 24 pixels.. but if you can crop it in a paint package, then great!

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I am working from a DOS program that I wrote some years ago.

Changing the size of windows in DOS and reconfiguring the charts
is a mind bender, believe me.

I already have a gif converter and a jpeg compressor but they dont work well with the DOS image.
OK, have posted my standard size chart but that has produced someting of an anomaly.

On my FTSE thread, the yahoo chart at the top of the page
is 800x462 but is bigger in width than my chart of the dollar
which I have just posted which is 1024x768

Bemused !
Can someone explain please ?
saw you were having a look at it and as you havent responded
assume you are as non-plussed as I.

However I have been back into the code for my application
and the chart is drawn from 10,56 to 692,386 coordinates.
so it should be smaller than the yahoo chart.
But when I run the program it is displayed in window resolution
of 1024x768
I have to conclude that its size is being misreported by ?windows?

I dont remember having had trouble in posting charts from this program before, so may I also conclude that the introduction of an upper limit of 1000x1000 was fairly recent ?

Chartman, any ideas ?
ok, sorted it. doh ! :eek:

previously I had set the defaults in Paint with
very small image attributes so that on loading a chart
the attributes would always expand to the size of the image being loaded.

But I have clean installed windows !
so all the defaults have been reset. In the case of Paint
the default size is 1024x768 !
Which means that regardless of the size of the image, the frame
was preset to 1024 etc. And of course, its the frame size that is critical.

I have now reset to my small size.
As a result, the charts and the frames are all smaller than 1024 etc....

So, having been a pain and asked you to increase the 1000x1000
it is clear that it was unnecessary.

And that is why I had not had any problems previously.

mea culpa