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New guy here (well the first post, I don't register everywhere I gather info of course)

First off I did search the forum after stumbled onto this to see what Covesting platforms there are and what platforms the savvy investors here use.

I was very surprised to find very little and OLD references to the topic. Maybe its called something else as well? maybe it's investing for dummies but who cares if it makes money? This current platform is still in beta phase so you have to request permission to join and wait about 3 days.

Obviously, if everyone knows about this then just ignore but in case you don't:

You basically just back other day traders and get a cut of the profits. Statistically, it seems like a win-win situation.
Anyhoo here you go, the link, use it; don't use it. thought I would share.

(its an affiliate link for the trading side, not the covering side so I get nothing, just the fun of knowing I got people to join the ride)

Anyways, attached of what it looks like:

Also explanation here:


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