Countdown to Chinese Real Estate Collapse


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B0ll0cks is in the title :LOL:

Schwarzman Deems China Defaults Good as Markets Embrace Failure

Let people digest the news and think what ever they want.

When I read write ups like this I have to reach for the bucket :LOL:

The good news for traders who are finding comfort in the failures is that more may be in the offing. A report last week by Standard & Poor’s said that “more defaults cannot be ruled out” as earnings for Chinese property developers suffer.

Shocking as the tile and above paragraph maybe... it is followed by this below...

Of course, there’s risk and potential pain associated with that outlook. China’s corporate debt is the highest in the world, former central bank adviser Yu Yongding wrote in the official China Daily last week. Companies had $14.2 trillion in debt at the end of 2013, exceeding every other country including the U.S., which had $13.1 trillion in company obligations, S&P said in a June report.

BS peddlers imho. Ofcourse I could be wrong... :rolleyes:
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@Atilla.. S&P are using standard economic models.. and that's non sequitur.. LOL

My bad...

Testiculis is in the title! Non sequitur it may be considering the article is by a Lisa Abramowicz!

I also think Bloomberg should take the coveted prize for producing article of the year. :sick:

What a bunch of morons!

Each to their own I guess. (y)


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Empty offices and apartments do not yield rent, even if they are in a newly build skyscrapers.
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