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Following the recent profit warning by Enodis - suppliers of Catering Equipment to the likes of Macdonalds etc - it was written........

.......and against this background, the performance of the Enodis Food Equipment Division has been mixed.


Also amid the Foot and Mouth crisis which has recently put the Horse racing and betting industry in turmoil - Investors Chronicle decided to plump for Stanley Leisure as their star buy this week. With the share price at 243 off a recent high of 248 subsequently lost 10% of its value in Mondays trading.

Perfect timing - they just don't know what to throw the dart at next.



PS. Did Sharky leave me out of this weeks comp to save me any further embarassment?

I recently did an informal analysis of various tips made in the weekly and weekend financial press by journalists and some brokers opinions.

By and large they would appear to be based on fundamental arguments made when the stocks are conveniently overbought or oversold.

Maybe I'm a cynic but I suspect that consistently taking a contrarian view could be a rather profitable trading system.

Hi Cookie,

An oversight on my part, I'll add them to the competition tonight!


Sorry guys it was Investors Week NOT Chronicle - just in case we get sued.

Who cares they're all plonkers anyway.

DT - These tips generally influence the small money - MM's mark up and often being the only winners.

Thanks Sharky - wasnt overly concerned as I know you are always busy. Will post to the comp board in future.

Been too busy to trade of late ( actually making some decent money out of Printing would you believe) - anyway just dont have the confidence right now - impossible to hold anything overnight for fear of the next profit warning.

Off to Espana Friday night so will keep same Comp selections for 2 weeks - Rally needs to start w/c 17th.

Kevin - Dayraider - Excellent Newsletter - I WAS THAT SOLDIER!!

Back to the grindstone - thanks