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Few interesting setups next week. Looking like a bullish start to the week for DXY and EUR... Do like the look of USDCAD the most


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Forex Diary 23rd Nov 2020

nice start to the week !

spurs are top of premiership and the Red GBP has a solid Bull Asian Session then breaches up hard into the European open

too easy .... GBP buys across the board


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What 1 question do i ask a trader when reviewing their performance ?

(and its not how much money did you make)

#1 - Did you Trade your trading plan to the letter on every single trade ?

if you did then we are making progress ....if you didn't then come back and see me when you can ...i dont give 2 figs about profitability until you can follow the first rule of trading

Follow the Plan

listen :-
I can make your forex pair choices better
I can make your trading entries / exits better
I can make your money management better

But i cannot make you money if you dont follow the damn plan 100% of the time !

Just Give me flawless execution 100% of the time ....and you will become a profitable trader in time


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EURAUD played out well today. Only 1 trade taken this week. Dollar pairs moving a bit weird today. Can't get a feel too much on them.
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