correlation between xukx/xuks and FTSE100 future


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Recently started daytrading ftse100 with xuks and xukx - I'm doing ok but often selling too early.

I have a couple of questions:

1- I am trying to work out if there is a correlation between xukx/xuks and the FTSE100 future.

2- I have these 2 links for future quotes but they seem to be different,index,future,forex,fund&symbol=Z+H6-ICL&chart.overlay=&chart.period=V&chart.minutes=&chart.bartype=CANDLE&chart.bardensity=LOW&x=36&y=18&chart.studies=
Which one of these is the one I should be looking at? - Or is there a better link that would give me a live quote.
I use sharescope, spoke to them and they don't have FTSE100 future listed - They will put it in their wishlist but no guarantee this will happen.:(

3 - If there is a correlation, which is leading which, in which order?
Future / Short-Long ETF / FTSE100

I hope my questions are not too stupid and maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist - I'm learning and I just want to maximize my gains... (don't we all?) ;) .

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