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Which avareges do you guys use for technical corn analysis and why?

Hi, Lsato,

Since the bulk of the liquid corn futures trading occurs in a short 4.75 hour session, I'd suggest the following for technical analysis of corn futures charts:

1. Look at Weekly, Daily, and Hourly charts primarily. You must select out only the best trending chart time-frame. And then exploit pull-backs against that time frame. Train your eyes to "see" the Dominant Trend - this makes for the most easy profit opportunity setups.

2. The Weekly corn futures chart appears to be forming a near Double Bottom formation - another excellent trading pattern that can be exploited. But - you must WAIT until the Double Bottom formation is clearly in place (and it may not even happen).

3. The Daily corn futures chart had a nice trending pattern recently but less so now.

If you must squint, stare, open eyes widely, use magnifying glasses, etc., chances are that time frame is NOT in a clearly trending mode - stay away from it! :eek: :confused:

Beware - don't forget - you must mark out contract rollover dates, and switch only to the most liquid corn futures contract month.

I've seen back-tested research on corn futures data - adjusted for rollover price gaps, etc. All not very good for real high-profit analysis in our experience.

Don't hesitate to post charts here on T2W - lots of expert technical analysis experts here! :)

But for me personally - I only am interested in technical trends/patterns that represent the most "easy pickings" by following the big money trends!

Good luck!

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