Copy of PM sent to me from Streetwise

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you didnt think id give up that easily did you ? so if you have a penchant for fanciful language , may i suggest you join a poetry club because in case you didnt know, we traders talk direct and to the point . sorry it didnt quite meet your delicate expectations.

ta ta ,


At least this time it is spelt correctly and appears well thought out, maybe he's learning :) Perhaps he could tackle capital letters next week?

Anything he posts to me again like that will get posted publically up here. I won't be bullied or hassled.
Helen - he has been busy with PMs, but it looks as if you had the nicest one. Needless to say mine was quite repulsive.

Perhaps he has got his Mummy to proof-read his PM to you.


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nice one H!

me three - i got a pm as well.....

lol - i think there's a funny side to all this ;)

Mr. Charts

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Pathetic Missive ;-)
Sorry you guys are getting stress from that w****r.
I haven't got a message from him. I guess I'm just not nice enough :-(
Those of you who are still trying to figure out the missing letters between the W and R try "inne". Which is of course what I meant...


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i'd also received a PM from him - and replied accordingly helen.... can't seem to get it back tho', else I'd copy it and my reply here...
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