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Concord Bay ECN Official Discussion

Dear Traders,

Welcome to the official Concord Bay discussion thread, dedicated to your questions and discussion of our trading technology, special offers and company news. My name is Mark Anderson, I am a Senior Manager with Concord Bay, and will be happy to assist you.

Concord Bay is a true DMA/ECN Forex and CFD broker offering traders lightning-fast execution, raw interbank spreads, trading anonymity and unrestricted access to deep institutional-grade liquidity - all free from broker intervention. We are committed to the best interests of our clients, and believe that only a true DMA client-centric business model can deliver the trading platform sought after by professional traders and sophisticated investors, whether for HFT, automated or manual trading. We support every trading system, no matter how complex it is, and welcome profitable traders who seek a reliable trading solution.

Built by traders for traders, Concord Bay has been designed to resolve the issue of the conflict of interest between a trader and a broker. Market-makers and pseudo-ECN brokers take the other side of your trade, which in laymen terms implies that they make profit when you lose and the other way around. Experienced traders know what this means for them in terms of trading costs and the quality of trading experience get. We believe that no matter how big or small a broker is, established or new to the market, licensed or unregulated, lack of a true DMA business model will eventually ruin a trading account, for one reason or another. With clients' interests in mind, we operate on a 100% DMA/ECN basis and anonymously rout every client trade to our liquidity providers. We win when you win, and we continue to invest in technology to help you trade better, faster, reducing your cost and improving your profit potential.

With Concord Bay you will enjoy:
  • Raw interbank spreads from 0.0 pip
  • Deep liquidity unseen elsewhere
  • Full support of algorithmic trading, expert advisors, news trading, scalping
  • No restrictions, no limitations, no broker intervention, no stop hunting, no spread markups
  • Full support of FIX Protocol
  • Trade execution in 3 milliseconds or less
  • True ECN environment
  • Favorable slippage
  • Free VPS in London from BeeksFx

What we will never do, and you will never see with Concord Bay:
  • No bonuses - we offer services to professional traders who are after top-notch technology, not free money
  • We don't offer free eBooks, analytics, training, forecasts or other freebies that are generally worthless anyway
  • We will not make promises that we can't keep
  • No mass advertising - we don't market ourselves heavily, and don't have a budget for it, but we do have a loyal following of traders who can tell a difference between a true technology-driven ECN and just another casino-like Forex broker

Our mission is to facilitate the success of our clients by pioneering first-rate electronic trading solutions.

Please share your thoughts, ask questions and join our effort of building a better Forex community worldwide, where opinions and needs of traders actually matter.
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