competition rules


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1: Keep it simple.
2: name your stock, different ppl can chose same stock.
3:All selections in by 10pm Sunday.
4:close any time in the week to retain max profit- YOUR call.
5: long or short allowed.
6: competition to run from Monday open to Friday close of business 4:30
7: UK stocks only for now.
8: prices are mid for open and close.

You can't change positions, but you can close at the end of any day to retain profit.
Comp runs from monday start to Friday 4:30

Let's have your entry and good luck!
Does Rule 5 mean I can pick one short and another long, if I wanted to do this?

darth trader said:

pls. could you confirm the rules to the competition?
What is the timescale and is is possible to change holdings?



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Noticed no response the question posed by Hill Farmer, hence at least one going long and short.........two chances can't be right surely. My interpretation was long OR short not both.......please clarify, Martin.


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We'll see how it goes..if anyone wants to pick a short and a long, we'll announce a Short and a Long winner and a bonus if you get both!
Just play it by ear for's only for fun after all.

PS I'm having a long and a short.....
...also two chances to be doubly wrong Uncle!

Ah Mr. Hill I knew your math's prowess would shine through in the end.Do you want to ask the Audience or phone a friend?
Now mr hill is on 32,000, and with your help, we can get him onto 64,000. There are two possible answers, one is right, one is wrong.Your 30 seconds starts now:
Alright mate, what is 1+1 , is it two or is it four?........

Have a nice weekend! I just couldn't resist it.

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