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hi, does anyone subscribe the monthly newletter by jim slater called company refs and if so has anyone used his methods for investing in growth shares and does it work?any feedback will be much appreciated

Donot bother.I used to subscribe it two years ago and lost money.His method might work if combined with Technical analysis.
Jim Slaters methods as set out in his excellent books - "The Zulu Principle" and "Beyond the Zulu Principle" worked extremely well in the 1990's, and REFS is the monthly data service which provides the raw data to put his ideas into effect. For anyone investing in the UK market and wanting to hold for more than a few weeks I would regard it as essential information.

The monthly Newsletter is OK, and implements these principles without having to go to the expense of subscribing to REFS and without the groundwork required to do the analysis yourself, but best used in a buy and hold environment (at least a few months), IMHO. If we get back into one of those will someone please let me know?

surely theres gotta be some growth shares out there in the sure there are people out there who are buying only growth shares as their investments and making money out of it.
RogerM - love your last comment, can I be on that list too ?

I used REFS extensively and successfully from 95/96 but with technical analysis.
It was used as a system in it's own right and worked well as Roger says in a favourable market.

I then traded purely on TA (99 on) because fundamentals (REFS) went out the window, but relying on TA was in hindsight a good thing beacause TA stops you out before giving back as much as REFS system which became expensive in bear mkt.

Funnily enough, I'm using it again now, because sifting through 2000 companies is a bit tedious, and it is very easy with the REFS cd.

So for example can search for companies that fit say the following criteria:

ROCE> 20%
PE < 14
3 month relative strength >15%
MKT cap < 600m

you can make any combination

then have a smaller pool to look at froma TA view point

you don't need to use it just for PEG companies

good luck
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DaxTrader said:
you don't need to use it just for PEG companies

good luck

But can you use it for PEG companies?

Might be useful to compile a watch list for viewing against TA to choose stocks for longer term spread betting. Just a thought.

neil said:
But can you use it for PEG companies?

Certainly. It's an excellent source of fundamental information, it's in no way specifically about PEGs, though that is one of the things covered. But if you want fundies it's probably the best, and most expensive, source aimed at the small investor.