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Hello, I trade since 4 years on the CMC Markets platforms. I often trade with long-term orders at the market prices. I didn't trade often buy stop entry, limit entry.... Recently I made 3 differents trades which frustrated me because of the execution of CMC Markets. I would like to know if CMC Markets is at fault in these executions. Here are my trades:

Natural Gas Feb 2020. December 6 Price at 2.332
-->Limit order at 2.29, Stop loss at 2.24 (35 000$) Risk of 770$ (Gap between buy trade and stop loss)
The Market open 18:00 December 8 at 2.2093, CMC Market buy my trade at 2.203 but sold it in the same second at 2.179 loss of 366 $ in 0 second. First, CMC should not buy my trade under my stop loss or my stop loss ratio should be the same as my stop loss on my order, witch I take a risk of 770$ so my trade will not be sold on the same second than the buy trade. The lowest price that day was approximately 2.168.

Equity Bancshares INC January 9th Price at 29.11 (most frustrating trade)
-->Buy stop Entry at 29.13 , Stop loss at 28.60 (8000$)
January 10: The CMC ranges of the day said 28.02 - 29.83 ( the 5 minutes candle 9:30-9:35 range was between 28.55 and 29.32 ) (1 minute candle at 9:31 is 28,59-29,14) and said 28.40 - 29.11 on range of the day!!???. CMC bought my trade at 29.49 at 9h30 and sold it at 28.02 at 9h31 with a loss of 430$ with commisions.. WTF!!?? It is supposed to buy at the target price and sell at the price that I set, especially since it fell 1 minute between the 2 trades ( theres is no gap here). And CMC sold my trade at the lowest possible price.

Evo Payments inc. January 9th Price at Price at 27,35
-->Sell Stop entry at 27,345
January 10: Range of the day 27,18-27,91. CMC Markets sold my trade on the lowest price available at 27,18 at 9H31 . The 5 minutes candle (9:30-9:35 ) range is 27,29-27,55. wtf why CMC Markets always sell at the lowest price and bought at the highest price?? It's really frustrating when there is no gap and CMC Markets
disregarding the target price has their advantage?
Again I would like to know if CMC Markets is at fault in these executions.
Thanks a lot.


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Spreads on this shares are from 3 to 9 cents. I call them, they will check my orders.
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