Cmc Deal 4 Free


Nice to meet y'all. Has anyone used deal4free's forex platform?I'm
trying to setup a live account but unhappy about their "INTERMEDIATE CUSTOMER" classification,which seems keen on absolving you of all your rights as a "private client" under the
FSA rules. Is this normal practice or should one look elsewhere?
I think it is just to cover there back as they are asking you if you have had sufficient experience to trade these markets and that you understand what you are doing and the risks that are involved

Part of what D4F mean is that your funds will not be safe if they go belly up. Your deposited assets are their assets in such a case.
You can ask them for a segregated account , although there may be a minimum you need to deposit in order to have your account classified as such. You should speak to a chap called Adam Seagrave on their sales team. I have known others on their sales team to deny that it is possible to get a segregated account.