China eg Beijing as a trading location??


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Hi All,
Did a perfunctory search regarding the above not bringing up anything.
Does anybody have any ideas regarding the above?
Not looking for information on lifestyle/ timezones etc looking more for information on the vital stuff for trading eg good connection, not too much hacking etc, access to the sites needed, not sure about the tax situation either..


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Are you moving to Beijing?

To have a satisfatory answer to your question, much will depends on your personal circumstances and expectations.

What do you trade and what's your trading style?


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I don't know much about China other than I saw a video where they had a building with an entire floor of day traders there, there must have been a couple hundred people trading, so there are some people with good trading set ups over there.


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JER08: I am a newcomer and am in the study stages. I haven't chosen what I am going to concentrate on for the moment.
I guess re China I am most worried about any handicap in terms of access to information and having been there once and had my computer hacked to the limit I am thinking there might need to be an investment in making your computers very secure.


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Not really a problem. The government are not interested in what traders are doing online, there are plenty of other people to target. You probably won't find many others trying to hack into your data either. I have been here for a number of years and it has never happened to me.

All internet goes through the great firewall of China but I find speeds for trading are OK, not great but OK.

Worldwide income is also not considered until you have lived here for 5 years so just keep any trading profits away from China.


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I do think you ought to take note that in mainland China, the internet connections are rather rubbish - and sometimes the internet won't work at all; for no apparent reason.
Hong Kong is, fortunately, much like the West vis-a-vis internet speeds.
Possible tax evasion opportunity there too haha.


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"the internet connections are rather rubbish"

If you trade the NFP or Cable's GDP number then it matters.


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I am in Hong Kong and Southern China (Guangzhou). When on the HK side, I have no problems with internet connection or access to trading data or brokerages.

In China, there shouldn't be much of a problem with speed of connections to data vendors and brokerages outside of China. The latency is sometimes greater than from other countries, but if you're not scalping intraday for a couple of ticks, I think you'll be alright.

However, the Great Firewall of China blocks a good number of sites outside of China that are very useful. And depending on what is the content of financial news you are looking at through a web browser, you can get a block on the page or your internet connection reset for a few minutes. For example, recently many of the articles from have been blocked when I am in China. So bad...

And if you are a social networker, forget about Facebook. YouTube is not allowed. You will likely need a VPN or private encrypted SSH connection to a server outside of China.


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"For example, recently many of the articles from have been blocked when I am in China. So bad..."

Now bloomberg is unlocked, it seems..
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