Cheating on FSA Exams


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It is definitely not worth the risk of cheating!! Try speaking to the HR people at your company, tell them that you are worried about your job security and see if they can support you or give you some time off to do extra studying.


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lol @ "you should NOT be working in the City in any regulated role if you cannot pass these exams"

The FS industry is full of very regulated, ethical people, and then some.

Arek Okrasa

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After CISI Exams

Hello Everyone,

As I don`t have any experiance on CISI exams can I ask a few questions?

I am a home based trader and I would like to:
1) start work for a bank, as a trader, or
2) collect funds from private clients and trade on their behalf

Is there any chance that after being FSA regulated (passing Module 1 - 2 and 3) I will be able to apply for a job as a trader or trade on client behalf?

Finally, how long does it takes to study and pass one module? (in average?)

Many thanks,


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they started building bathrooms.. now they just want to collect money... f.cking great.

can I be the head of the treasury in your gang?. erm.. sorry.. company! :love:
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