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What markets are you planning on trading (eg, UK stocks, US stocks, futures, commodities, forex), and what timeframe (intraday or end-of-day)?


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sorry to hi-jack u post SBM
but I am look 4 the same thing.

I want to trade on the FTSE(& Fut), DOW(&Fut) , NASDAQ(&Fut)
also currency.

Mostly intraday & end of day chart pls.



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I have tried quotetracker but found it hard to get to grips with.
I have been using sharescope demo whilst training and think its great. But I want something similar that includes USA, either end of day or intra day. So far had a look at Pfscan,Sierra and Updata but no luck yet.
Would omnitrader be suitable ? they don't have a demo so thought I would ask first. I believe you can also get free intra day data feed from Hquote (one off fee)


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It isn't free (abour $175 pcm for all you want - the International version)

Otherwise try

I think your main issue is going to be exchange fees. You're going to need subscriptions to LIFFE, CBOT and CME for those futures, unless you trade the mini's, in which case, a lot will offer the minis in with the chart subscription fee. Few will offer the LIFFE feed.

Anyone know any different? (and save me a few bucks???)


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SBM, I dont know what stage your at but just for your information , Im new to charting and TA etc, and have looked at many programms. I found looking at is good for learning TA as it shows you clear buy and sell signals on about 10 - 14 different indicators that are all lined up on one scrollable page, also its free of charge and quick to download. You can input any index or any company worldwide onto your portfolio. I found Sharescope a good clear program for End of Day data.
PS this is just a suggestion, im still a novice at all this

hope ths helps
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