Chart Pattern Recognition Software?


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Anyone know where to find an effective software product that will scan a universe of stocks and find ones that exhibit patterns like triangles etc. ?


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There's some sort of candlestick recognition software included in ProRealTime, I believe. I've never actually looked at it because I don't trade individual stocks. Not sure if this is the sort of gadget you mean(?).


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can't say if it's any good or not, just remember coming across it (on the never ending search for info etc)

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I think Tango (a website at ) will do this for you, it's been mentioned before on here and was free last time I looked - other than that the answer is 'yes, lots'.... it depends what your timeframe for trading is, and what sort of price you are looking to pay, and so on. Some examples -

If you want to trade realtime, then feeds like esignal, and presumably tradestation, realtick etc can be programmed to find patterns - I'm only familiar with esignal from the reatime arena so I'm not a great help on this.

If looking for patterns in EoD software there's a big list - Metastock costs a few hundred quid and you can then buy the John Murphy add on, I think thats in the £100-200 bracket, which will find patterns. Omnitrader can be bought for the standard few hundred and the latest version has a chart pattern finder. If you want specific patterns, the yes there are programs out there that include pattern finding either directly, or via a plug in you add to it.

There are lots of programs that identify setups as well - ie not triangles and wedges etc, but they'll alert you if say three bars have gone lower in succession then rebounded, and so forth.



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Hi,I see that you are interested in Pattern recognition so I will give you link where you can find several books about it. The present books are intended to collect representative researches around the globe focusing on low-level vision, filter design, features and image descriptors, data mining and analysis, and biologically inspired algorithms. Books are free to download. This is link: Pattern recognition
Anyone know where to find an effective software product that will scan a universe of stocks and find ones that exhibit patterns like triangles etc. ?

Have you tried FinViz web site ? It has nice screener for chart patterns too.

Also Amibroker software could be good for this task - there are plenty of formulas for different chart patterns or candlestick patterns screeners.

pink floyd

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I could recommend something which seems to me to be a real diamond: CandleScanner - technical analysis software
I have never found an application which could scan the candlestick charts better to search for Japanese formations. It detects almost a hundred formations (all from Nison, Morris, Bulkowski etc.). It also gives a pretty nice efficiency statistics. There is also a nice dictionary with all implemented patterns – a good reference.
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