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Hi. I've been comparing the charges this morning for CFD trading from CMC (Deal4Free), ETrade and IG. As mentioned above CMC's is commision free and their spread on the FTSE100 is 4 points. ETrade charge £9.95, however their spread is also 4 points on the FTSE100. As far as I can see CMC wins hands down as long as their system is reliable.
IG - FTSE100 spread is 6 points. No commission but once you move out of the main indices the commission rockets! Their example is ARM where commission is 0.25% on both side of the trade.

p.s. New to this site and CFD trading so please be gentle!
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CMC make money if their client loses - we all know this, so of course it is in their interests to oscilate around the market price. However, depending on your trading strategy, you can use this and the sometimes delayed trade execution/requoting to your advantage. CMC are far from perfect, but for myself, for some types of trade, they do work out more profitable over using a commission charging broker.


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I was wondering why CMC were frequently not centered around the FTSE100 quote. I thought it maybe because the demo system was delayed or slightly 'manufactured'. Going on my paper trading yesterday I would say their method also suits me.


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kevynt - just seen that no-one has replied to your specific question...

Does that not also hold true for the UK Level 2 trading screen?
Nasdaq Level 2 is entirely different from UK Level 2/market depth. With Nasdaq you know WHO is trading, which is the key to success.

warm_machine, Gadget,

You comments about CMC and their quotes are pretty controversial around here :)

I think you will find that the reason CMC (and other SBs) quotes don't match those you see on your charts is that they use futures prices (even for their 'cash' products) and your charts don't.

See these posts for more details...



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mmillar, it means I can often get a better price, especially in a fast market and taking into account no commissions, profit margins are higher than with other brokers.
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