CED Cedar


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Looks very interesting.

Looks to be forming a double base going back to late Nov.
+ve divergence on price (dirmov, RSI and Stoch) and volume (vol osc).
There a down trendline from early Sept which the price is very close to popping thro. If it breaks north thro the trendline, perhaps wait for it to retest the line.
Price yesterday ~ 300. Next resistance at ~ 400, next at 500p.

Problem... its a software co.
Cigar - you worry me.

This is just not the right time to looking at this type of share, believe me it looks cheap but I have recently got my fingers burnt thinking exactly as you - buying at the beginning of the TWO DAY tech revival, hoping for the Bush bull run which didn't materialise.

Institutions still selling off - keep it on your watchlist.

Only my personal opinion and definitely NOT investment advice.

Good Luck

Technically this does look like a possible buy right now, but in this climate, I would accept Cookie's advice, and certainly wait for a definate trend to emerge.

Thanks for your advice.

I made my first purchase for quite a while today... BP Amoco.
I'm not into techie stuff at the mo, just window shopping. But it looks a buy. Cedar and Zen in the portfolio.. a sleepless Xmas.

Wait for the BP profit warning tomorrow.
I beg to slightly differ- it looks full of promise to me, BUT as the others say Beware!
Under other circumstances, I'd jump in but not in this climate.

This is a share I've been watching for some time and Omnitrader shows quite positive without actually making it an overall buy yet.I would expect that to change on the next run-through given the number of buy signals on RSI,Stochastics etc. and like you I'm waitng for the trend-line break and possible re-test.Definitely one to watch.
Good luck!