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What do you guys think is the amont of capital needed to make around £2000 a month after tax. any help much appreciated.


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Depends on how good a trader you are.

If you're very very good you'll need £3,000.

If you're very bad you'll need £1 million. (£1m in a building society will earn you £3,300 gross per month in interest.) :cheesy:

stoploss please

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You need to ask this question.

How much captial do you need to have to allow a loss of £2000 a month.

Good luck


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It depends on what you intend to trade ie Forex, Indices or individual shares and over what time scale, intraday requires less margin than trading futures

If you are looking to trade indices futures then £50k would be a reasonable pot and would allow you to trade with little pressure. If you havn't traded before I would sugest looking for say £500 per month and increasing as you develop your money management and trading skills.

If your looking to scalp trade shares then Mr Charts is your man but you had better be sat down


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Put it on Golden Boy. 9:15 @ Chepstow. On the nose. ;)
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