Canadian stock in a European market?


New member
Jan 23, 2018
Hello, I'm new here and new to trading stocks in general and I'm having problems getting an answer to a question about trading stocks in Europe. I am a Canadian citizen currently living in Austria and I recently opened a trading account with one of the local banks here in Austria. I found out that my bank does not offer certain markets for trade, one of them being the TSX - Toronto Stock Exchange. I wanted to buy stocks from a Canadian company so when I entered the company's name in the bank's search engine for stocks the company was listed but not in the TSX. The company was listed in several European markets like the Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt stock exchange. My question is : Is it safe to buy stocks from a North American company that is listed in a European market? If the value of the stock rises in North America will it also rise in Europe? The same goes for the Australian market as well. Thanks.