FAQ Can You Recommend a (Forex) Alert Service?

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Re: Can you recommend a forex alert service?

I am new on this forum so my first post on a discussion forum. I have a great signalling service that seems to be going from strength to strength. I came across it by accident when exploring signalling services. I have tried a few and got burnt but this one is great. It uses small stop losses and even though the gains are quite small it is normal to make 50 pips a day, which i have found after reading some threads on here is actually a lot.
I also tried rtc signals but got my money back. They seem decent people and give you a few trades a week by email which often win but you can have some big losses of up to 100 points. They have a trading room but you need to be pinned to the screen to try and listen to what they are saying and often miss trades as they are quick in and out, by the time you get what they are saying and action it the trade has either gone or its already moved and not worth getting in, these are scalping trades. Hope this has helped for the person asking about rtc signals. It was OK and im not downing them but i just happened to find something better and less time consuming.
Go on then Rog, put us out of our misery, you didn't tell us what the signalling service is called.

Ta, Simon


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Hi, I have asked Rogersan to not post on here even though he was a tester. I have already posted on this forum explaining the differences in signalling services. The reason I have such knoweledge is the service he is aluding to is mine so therefore have asked him not to say. I have not in any of my posts mentioned my service and will continue not to. I try to provide good information on forum topics not use it as a shop window so rog will not be answering. Thanks for understanding in advance I dont want to be on the end of one of those burn the vendor in hell topics that i have see on here as i do everything by the book. Please do watch out though for signalling services as most are terrible. I researched many when setting up mine to see what the competition was like. Yes there is plenty of them but oh my gosh are most of them a disaster.. Regards Paul


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I use an excellent trade alert service that provides me with a substantial 2nd income. You get the trade details delivered to your mobile phone including when to exit and how much of your capital to risk and all the trades are in popular markets that most spread betting companies offer. The only caveat is the subscription cost is high although this has now become largely irrelevant because of my account size.

If you want more information about the service please send me a private message as i dont want to be accused of promoting said service.

I have been trying to make money in the financial markets for many years and will continue to do so but making some from them in the meantime has certainly been refreshing.



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I know a forex signals service that has been around for 8 years. I use their signals since 5 years and they helped me to make 2nd income beside my work. If anyone interested to know, send me private message


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I think I took a pretty stereotypical route into trading...wana be overnight millionaire..suckered into a few scams...tried a couple of robots..etc.

I sumised that it is pretty much all b*****cks. whatever service you do try out and pay for, make sure it comes from a human brain and not a automated strategy or something simliar.

Sid Lesley

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Re: Can you recommend a forex alert service?

just did the traders4traders course-excellent
I did a course as well recently. Brad is such a great teacher don't you think? So glad I didn't go to one of those 'free' ones or watch online courses. Anyone that says you will make money overnight is a company to avoid!


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Its my humble opinion that sometimes its worthwhile to deal with scam brokers. I can think of a few with whom I've dealt.

One such had awesome customer service, automated deposits and withdrawals, a slick website. It was all gravy till they disappeared one day.

Just know what you're getting into -- particularly with those bucketshop CFD brokers.

In my experience, signaling services are similar: they work for awhile and then they fail catastrophically. Seems like you'd have to switch it up as a matter of course.


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I use myfxbook trading signals connected them to my HF account through myfxbook autotrade feature. Works flawlessly but you should control your risk settings yourself.

marcela 2020

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Hi meanreversion

I am an expert on this subject so can give you some really indepth information on this.
You have a couple of different types of signalling services in their widest range
1. A trading room environment where you listen to what people are doing and follow them when they place trades
2. A text, email service where people get actual trades sent to them or trade set ups if they get to a certain level, some then send text, email when they want you to close them, but not many.
3. A website/visual service where you watch the website which is password protected and they call th signals on the screen and you follow, some but very few tell you also when to get out but not many
4. A web/interactive system where you get tardes through the website but also a quicker method like messenger where you get the trades written to you as they happen. A very few even do exit trades aswell but not many This is the best method.
5. Nobody has really done this yet but i have investigating and have a quote and specification from a software company to have special software that picks up the providers trades and duplicates them on your home computer so you switch on in the morning set the program up put in how much you want to trade per point for the day and you check it again in the evening to see how much you made. What a revolution.

Now as you can see the one thing that hardly any signal provider does is give you exit signals because that would hold them totally accountable and they dont like that. There are few who do but not many. Now lety me explain why. They use the term Maximum points achieved on the trade so their performance figures use these, but its easy to see after the event how far it went and when to get out with maximum points. Noone can do that unfortunately. But it gives these people the chance to show huge profits to lure people in. Take this new advertised signal service from Tom Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov ( hopefully spelt correctly). Tom sends out signals on the screen so you trade. He then gives you 5 or 6 target points. You dont get the close alert from him he says you should decide yourself on exits. Why would he say that if he is giving a signal service. If he is making as he says then why not give the exit signal. The answer is he can show inflated performance but from ewhat i have heard from a colleague of mine has subscribed and its not as seen, the trades nearly always make much less than he claims and often losses. A signal service that provides point 4 and gives you exits and still has a good performance is a gem.
I hope this has helped you and others understand a bit more
Your answer is very clear. Thank you
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