Can anyone please explain what the heck Webull is doing to calculate my account total profit??

The calculation for total P/L for a portfolio should be simple, right? It should be just:
(current portfolio value - cash deposited)/cash deposited x 100
Right? This is how it's done in Robinhood. I can double-check the % that the app is showing by typing the numbers manually in a calculator, and I get the exact same %.

Now, what the heck is Webull doing? I have been recently playing around with the platform, and I can't make sense of these numbers shown below. (This is just part of the full window.)

webull account value.png

Here's the necessary info. When I signed up, I got some free stocks for signing up and more free stocks for referring others. Out of the total $313.53, $174.66 is from 3 shares of VIAC. $38.87 is from the sale some other stocks from the promotion + some dividends that had accrued. Another $100 is my own personal cash that I placed in the account. So what I'm expecting to see is:
(313.53 - 100)/100 x 100 = 213.53 %.
How did it come up with 69 %??

I figured out that the +128.10 it's showing is simply the exact sum that my position in VIAC has appreciated by. For some reason, it's not counting the other sums that I got from selling the shares and from dividends. That seems strange (useless?) to me but okay, at least I see where that's coming from. Does anyone know what it's being compared to, for calculating the %?? I can't see how it ended up with 69.08 %. If I look at just my VIAC stock, it shows +275 %.

If I click on the "cumulative P&L" it shows this. I don't get what numbers it's using to get to 142.05 either....

webull account value 2.png

Any ideas what exactly is being calculated here?

Secondly, is this a common thing, to use some kind of "alternative" metrics from what I'm used to? Seems to me that the most simple math (where you just take the ratio of total portfolio value relative to my cash placed in the account) is also the most useful. Why is this thing even bothering to calculate something different?

I would direct these questions at the team behind Webull, but from recent experience, their customer "support" has been very poor, so I kind of gave up on them.


PS.: In other ways, the desktop client is well-designed and really aesthetically pleasing, but this thing is totally frustrating. But if anyone in the US wants to give this platform a shot, I can give you a referral invite for free stocks.
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