Can A CFD Broker Scam You If You Only Trade Stocks


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Im getting back into trading equities after a profitable but stressful run as a currency trader.

I have traded equities before but not properly I did what typical retail traders did high leverage tight stops and got stopped out by widening spreads. Im coming back with my new found knowledge I gained trading currencies. :cool:

I know brokers hunt stops but a manipulation of say 3$ on a 103$ stock like appl would be noticeable to clients, so if I put wider stops can they still try to stop me out ?

I remember I have an overnight position in amazon and the spread widened about over 1$ showing me 70$ in losses but quickly tightened and gave me a 200$ profit, but another 75 cent widening and I would have been wiped out. I also noticed other stock spreads didn't widen just the one I was holding.

The broker I use for equities is IG Markets they have some bad reviews but I can't see how they can still operate as a public company if they alter share prices and widened spreads excessively.
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