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Max - can you help us ??

Warthog ( WHOG ) computer games designer makes AIM debut Thursday @ 43p - what do you think ??

mkt cap around 18 mill. Forcast profit in 2000 expected at 300,000 thats a PE of 60. High but who knows on day 1 trading. Despite what has happened reread the SCi post and wait for Peels report next week. If they halve forcast to 2mill in 2001 that is still only a PE of 12 falling to 3 for 2002 at this price. Reread the results and you will see its a mega cock up but non trading and shifting revenues around. If you want exposure in this sector it is SCi even after the last 2 weeks.

2002 should actually be higher as the defered revenues go in 2002 from 2000 so the PE could actually be less than 3 for 2002

The underlying business is fine they have more in the bank than Warthog are raising and they have

Thunderbirds selling well in UK and being released worldwide. Here's the good bit though no UK games company has broke into Japan and Japan is the biggest market. But guess whats a big cult in Japan. yep Thunderbirds

The Great Escape - Xmas with The Great Escape and now the game

Dessert storm
Titanium Angels
Rally championship

If anyone can find a games co with a better line up and a mkt cap less than 24 mill SCi are at and a PE that looks to be 3 for 2002( Wait for Peels for 2001 forcast but after last week it will be a minimum forcast but I bet the PE wont be higher than 12) then they are better than me to take a peek but PE is 60 and I think 2001 PE is around 20. Eidos and Sci are better value. The only one not is Rage