Buy sell signals on sierra chart



Just started using sierra chart. Been developing a system based on MACD cross over with other indicators thrown in. Can anyone give a me an idiots guide on how to put buy/sell indicators on screen (like a green circle for buy etc). They give you an example with the stochastic cross over system, but I cant fathom it out.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi strewthmate

I know what you mean. it's a little bit complicated :(

Under Analysis and study - you need to add in Worksheet/Study/Alert

Under settings it will say formula source sheet - take a note of that number, as it will be the number in the spreadsheet.

In the bottom-right corner, give it a name (in the white box). Click ok, where it says K, make that a dot and under draw width make it 5. - click ok again

You'll then get a spreadsheet up. In cell K3 type in =IF(E3>100,1,0) - what that does is puts a 1 in cell K3 if the price goes above 100. This number one, will then appear as a dot on the actual chart.

The MACD settings are in AA-AF Cells.

HTH :)
Thank you very much

I'll have a look at that now if I can get my brain working in this heat :eek:

Kind regards