Bund v T-Bond Spreads


Hi, anyone spreading German Bund futures against T-Bonds (i.e. 5yr / Bobl or 10yr / Bund)?

Is it any good and what is the relationship.

Think Eurodollar to US 5-year may make some sense but not got stuck in yet.
Actually looking around for best product to spread against Eurodollar as currently just doing the calendars.
Hi, Are you doing the calendars on CME or Liffe; and are they any good on intra-day. I have Dec up on my screen, but don't trade them at the mo. Don't move around much do they?
On CME. I looked at Liffe for a while but it was just too illiquid. thought there may be arb between the 2 but that isn't the case either, already all done with autospreaders by the Liffe marketmakers.
Some good fills on CME when volume going through. Intraday I look to trade the 6 months spreads along the curve. I am not doing much size yet, just 20-30lot clip but appears to be working out OK, if slowly.
Sounds ok - I think I'll start looking at it and see if it's my cup of tea. Cheers and good luck!