Bund Futures


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I've been out of trading for nearly a year while I moved house (blah blah blah..)

Anyhow... I'm after some T2W expert opinions...

I used to look with some success at the Eurex Bund contract.. I used Fib retracements and trendlines to trade previously but was wondering if anyone else has any input on good tactics for when I get the itchy trading finger back in action.

Paul :cool:
This is an old thread but is anyone trading the Bund? With ESTX being untradeable at the moment the Bund seems to be offering better opportunities.
Flat as a pancake :) At least during the hours I can trade 9am-
2-50pm It's been getting worse and worse over the past few weeks. Not suitable for my system at all. But the bund would have netted +12 today with the same system over the same period.
OIC - I just wondered if it was an exchange thing!

You do realise, of course, that the minute you change to another index the first one will trade like a dream :cheesy:
Bund volumes and ranges still quite respectable.... average volume over 1million contracts/day. Range yesterday 116.50 116.09 so not a huge day but tradeable...

I'm afraid we've started to hit summertime in the City where a lot of dealing room holidays start to hit volatility, having said that there's usually a surprise or two that lead to big moves due to reduced liquidiity.

I'd set up the chair in the garden!
I'd be very careful trading bunds it can move very quicky and be very whippy. 100 tick plus movements in a day are not uncommon.
With the ECB out in August it could be a bit thinner too.

Discipline is paramount in this market.
v. true fyboots, always put the stop in AND LEAVE IT IN.
Through any sort of level you can get easily rolled-over.
Bund range trading season, if you are into that. Mornings are best, if you are able to only trade well defined ranges, everyday there is clear opportunity, what do you think?
Seems at the moment that you get a move in the morning, followed by hours of churning around, then in the afternoon it takes off in the other direction. Market Profile/daily levels working well, just a case of being patient enough to wait for them.
the early afternoon was, but I wouldn't call doing almost a full point in less than 2 hours choppy...