Bugs in the Links page


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Just been writing some comments on the Links, General page, and have encountered a couple of bugs

1) If you enter a comment to an existing site, when you've finished there is a "click here" link in the acknowledgement dialog that is supposed to return you to the updated links page - it actually returns you to the source code of (presumably) the links page

2) This one is really really annoying! Just typed in a long description and review of another web-site, and when I attempted to add it, it gave an error, which I didn't catch, and lost the details I'd laboriously typed in. Aaaaaaargh!:mad:
Hi zzaxx99, sorry about the problems with the links. I've had technical problems myself last week, but i'll make sure they're all ironed out by next week. There's nothing worse than going to the effort of writing something just for it to be lost!