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Has anyone any experience please of using brokers for CFD trading? I am thinking very seriously of subscribing to the services of based in Cranfield. Any comments anyone?

I use GNI who are excellent- and their Touch system is brilliant- based on Royal Blue's "Fidessa" which most trading rooms( DRKW, CSFB, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank in The City use.
Never heard of twowaytrade4- check they are members of LSE

Thank you Wayno.

I must say that this entire site is worth a thousand books on trading. The sharing of experiences etc. lightens the perceived isolation of the trader setting out, albeit with modest trading sizes. And, the important thing is that no one has an axe to grind; they tell it as they see. One must treat with caution, I suppose, the endless offers of tuition etc. from the major SP firms.

There are, as we know, private investment clubs dotted
throughout the whole of the country - many of them doing well - where the social and mutual support feature high on the agenda. Do members of this site know of any similar groups of independent traders who meet regularly to share information, swap ideas and compare notes? I would have thought that such a club must exist in Brighton, for example, in view of the number of traders subscribing to this site living along the south coast.

If any traders along the Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings route (or north thereof) are reading this, how about establishing such a social group where the aim is to exchange ideas, information, experiences in a social setting, i.e. a pleasant pub or restaurant?

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