Broker offering index trading in Chinese Mainland Stock Index

Sep 7, 2005

I would like to seek some suggestion or info re any broker who gives the index trading
or any other trading tool for Shanghai or Shenzhen composite index in mainland China.

Originally the best of my knowlege IG Markets used to provide binary option for the above 2
index in their CFD platform. However some time ago the service was cancelled due to the
reason that the data feed from SGX is not stable or else according to IG.

Maybe there is another story behind it.

Anyway any furthur info regarding this will be highly appreciated with thanks.
China's stock market has been volatile but speculation or daytrading is possible
Mar 29, 2008
I want to again ask the same question, does any broker offer shanghai composite index, i am in desperate need of that. any information will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.