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Don't be deceived, making money on the internet has never been an easy task as many people claim. Often times I see Information marketers preying on Internet business seekers. They sell you Junk information they bought as a package especially on fixed Odds and promises it will you change your life once you purchase it.
You are told all it takes is spend 15 minutes working and the money will start rolling in.

The truth is - did you make the huge sums of money they promised? I bet your answer will be no. Why? because the only way they make their own money is through the recycling of junk information they sell to you. Check their claims, what more? you get blasted with big advert like" Make $3000 daily trading Fixed Odds" when the truth is that they hardly make $100 a month themselves.

Who looses in the end? You put in your hard earn cash only to see it being blown away like a flash and before you know it you are back to Square one.

You will agree with us that trading on BOM these days have been made more difficult than ever before. But then, it is for those who do not the technical know-how to device winning strategies and methods to trade with. But do not worry, we have gone that route for, all you need do now is to get your hand on any of the package(s) of your choice trade we have here, and you start to take advantage of our trading intelligence.

Basic Requirements for successful and profitable trading

Before you can trade this market successfully and profitably, you must be equipped with the following tools or requirement:
CAPITAL: In fixed odds trading,it is not necessary that one must start with a big capital before one can make it from the financial market. Have you not heard of someone losing a huge amount of money in the financial market? Or have you not heard of someone making it big from a very small capital.

I raised $99 to $ 1,904 in less than 2 hours of trading. Even my first success in the market I raised from $150 TO $ 600 within two hours of trading and many times have been making success from even little capital. You can make it also. What matters is the ingredient of your trading strategy.
One of the people I trained raised from $140 to $ 803 within 2 days of trading (maximum of 2 hours per day).
You too can make it.
A minimum of $50 in your trading account is enough for you to embark on a trading journey. (Discover the secret behind the market and see yourself beating the market to your success).

Sorry to say this , this is what many so call gurus will never tell you, all they know and do is you the possibility of you making $1,000 daily and at the end of the day you can not make $1. I have learnt my lesson and that is why I say you are secure here to make money on this markets with what I have learnt and discovered about the markets. You are lucky to be here.
If you cannot manage risk, you may find it difficult making it if in this online financial market.
Risk management entails managing your portfolio to arrive at your success. A good risk management strategy I normally recommend to my trainees and which is what I use is this:

Target a profit that is equivalent to 10% of your capital. Then build from little to big portfolio you can groom that seed of $50 to a tree of fortune. Look at this statistics:

With a capital of $50, I target 10% of $50 for my first month of trading. But in every month I have a minimum of $150-$250, did you hear me say $10,000 monthly?

Greediness kills in the markets that is the true fact.Build your portfolio gradually to that big money you want.

This is my trading portfolio management.

10/100 x$50 = $5

1st Month: $5 x 20 = $ 100+ $ 50 Capital = $ 150
2nd Month: $15 x20 = $ 300 + $150 = $450
3rd Month: $45 x 20 = $ 900+ $ 450 = $1,350
4th Month: $130 x 20 =$ 2600+$1350 =$ 3,950
5th Month: $ 400 x 20 =$ 8000+$ 3,950 = $11,950
6th Month: $1000 x 20 =$20,000+$11,950 =$31,950

This is the law of compounding profits. Let it work for you.
Don’t be lured by initial big profit. Start from little profits and you will see it growing into bigger profits.

See you at the top. All you need is a good trading system that will help you achieve your goal over time.
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