Brain Teaser for the Fundamental Traders who hate Technical Analysis. Tesla prize = $1



Crude Oil:

For live examples of DEATH by hanging, aka death by fundamental analysis look no further than T2W at poster brewski who got so rinsed in Oil every damn day becasue of PURE Fundamentals (hates and despises TA) that he even got cott in at one-day drop of 20-25% price drop in Crude while being LONG.

TA was screaming short short short short but Fundamentals were bellowing buy buy buy LONG LONG


From $200 to $969. Market cap jumped by 168% in 2 months (unrealistic, right?) Fundamentals or hype? What if they are BOTH? Why then did said fundamentalsists or hypeists not exit the market with profits and instead ended up buried 6 ft under? Almost all DEAD. Families distraught.

How could Fundamental analysis fail them by such a big margin? Tesla made a $110 billion roundtrip in weeks. Surely the Fundamentals can't change that fast! They take years.

So wtf?

Could Technical Analysis have saved them?

Show me how. All hindsight of course, the domain of T2W. But for Crude Oil it was LIVE, I was in the thread. LIVE LIVE LIVE
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