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I have detailed below books i have available for sale. Each book is on offer for £10 plus £2 for P+P. Each book is in good condition- the only "flaw" is that a few pages in some of the books will have a very feint pencil mark in the margin to emphasise certain points. I do this as opposed to using a highlighter pen for the very reason that i may re-sell the book.

There is also one "block of books" -(3 in total ) being sold for £10 +£2 P+P.

Anyone interested in purchasing please send me an IM.


The Magic of Moving Averages (Scot Lowry)

DeMark on Day Trading Options (Tom DeMark)

Five Star Futures Trades (Colin Alexander)

Trading for a Brighter Future (Martin Cole)

How to Win at Financial Spread Betting (Charles Vincent)

Andrew McHattie on Covered Warrants (Andrew McHattie)

Daily Stock Market Trends (David Schwartz)

Millard on Traded Options (Brian Millard)

Marc Rivalland on Swing Trading (Marc Rivalland)

"3 Pack"
How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market (Nicolas Darvas)
Bull Market Buy Signals (David Schwartz)
Head and Shoulders Tops - The Essential Facts (David Schwartz and Robin Griffiths)