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Hi All,
I've been browsing Traders Press and was wondering if any has come across any of the follow.. if you have, please let me know your thoughts :cheesy:

1. Stock Patterns for Day Trading Vol 1 and 2
Author: Barry Rudd

2. The Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich
Author: Edward Dobson

3. Opening Price Principle: Best Kept Secret on Wall Street
Author: Larry Pesavento

4. Fibonacci for the Active Trader
Author: Derrik Hobbs

5. Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably
Author: Steven Poser

6. Short Course In Technical Trading
Author: Perry Kaufman
I have 1. (both books), 2. and 6.

Both Barry Rudd books are expensive at $95 (about £60 each), but great if you want to day trade US stocks by patterns. Therefore it's discretionary trading, and if you like this sort of thing, then these are the books for you! If you like to use indicators, and feel happiest with your price bars smothered in colourful wiggly lines and horizontal fib levels, then you will find this book a waste of time. He does use the odd moving average though. The charts are hand-written, which may put people off, and the writing style is succinct and to the point - really as if the author made notes for himself, and these just ended up in a book.

Book 2. for me was a complete waste of time and money - the only thing you need to know is exactly what that rule is, and once you've found it out (you probably knew it anyway, I certainly did), you feel cheated as the book tediously takes you through chart after chart of it in practice in every guise possible. PM me if you (or anyone else) want to know what it is.

Book 6. Kaufmann is renowned for his mathematical skills, so therefore his books are crammed full of numbers, tables, and testing results. The book you refer to is out on loan to someone, so I don't have it to reference, however I do have Smarter Trading, and Trading Systems & Methods, also by Kaufmann. If you want to have a precis of virtually every trading system out there (ordinary ones, and those out of this world), then the latter book is the one for you. I'm not sure of when book 6. was published, but the other two were written before indicators and charting software became very sophisticated, so therefore whereas we would now use a chart to show a set of figures, he shows the figures and a trained mathematician may be able to see the pattern in them, but I couldn't!

I got vol 1 of Barry Rudd direct from Traders Press, but I got vol 2 from Global-Investor at one of the traders exhibitions they attended. So you might find that Global-Investor are able to get all the books, which would save you postage. If you do, perhaps you would use the link at the top so that a small percentage of the price comes back to T2W to help fund the hosting costs, etc. :D
One of the best places for very cheap and a good selection of
books is Sometimes they run offers
where you can get 1 book for every 2 you buy. Currently I
believe they are doing an offer of 3 books for $48 from a selection
of books

That is brilliant... there's even a bit which you can fill in to claim for your free book.. not sure if it's just in the US but it don't say.. thanks..
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I highly recomend Traderslibrary if you want your books cheap and their offers are pretty good and yes they are open to anyone world wide.

The only thing to be aware of is that shipping was $10 a book last time I used them, which is fine, still works out cheaper. Though you still have to pay this for the free books. Sometimes they offer free books and they aren't even worth the $10 postage.

I often search on Amazon for the second hand books and have bought books which were supposed to be second hand but turned out to be new and for only a third of the price. :cheesy:

Hope this is of help, it is so easy to spend a small fortune in the quest for knowledge.

traderslibrary do charge 10$ per book delivery, even for free
books. However I have calculated that on the relatively
more expensive books (> $30-40) it still works out cheaper
than buying from amazon.

Another quite well priced bookstore in the UK tho more
expensive than traderslibrary is

Hi Imran Q

Yes you are right Amazon are more expensive. I didn't actually mean buy from Amazon themselves (often way too expensive IMO) just use the second hand section that allows other re-sellers to advertise. You can find other internet bookshops via them which are often based in the US that will undercut them buy quite a lot as well as other internet bookshops.

I have actually bought Traderslibrary books from there as well that have been far cheaper than from Traderslibery, even after their offers. I have bought several book this way and none of them have shown signs of being second hand. I guess it just a good way for these companies to gain prime internet exposure through a well known site.

Well worth a visit anyway just in case. You won't always find what you want but it could save you a lot.

HI Lard,

I'd be interested in links to the book sites :)

One engine that I have used is which
allows you to search for the cheapest books sites for certain
books. Obviously you have to enter the book details.


Hi Bottomdollar

Yep had to get up early today, went do to my corporate duty and played golf with a client :) . Sounds good, but turned out to be 8 hours in the pouring rain :cry: . Not what I would call a great day out. Only just got back, seems like a real long day.

Anyway back the thread...

Imran, I generally just search through a handfull of sites to find what I want and find the best price. They generally are:

And then really anyone that Amazon throughs up.

When using Amazon just search for the books in the usual way and they will usually display and new and used price. The used price is the best used price they can offer. If you like the used price, click on the link and it will display what is supposed to be a list of used sellers. You will then get a list of what is then mainly web retailers selling at this price. Each of the sellers will often have ratings so you can feel confident about buying from them. Mostly these are US based but you will usually find it's still cheaper after postage. All the books I have bought this way have been listed as nearly new but turned out to be actually new.

You will need to search on both the UK and US Amazon sites as they will always come up with something different.

If anyone has any other good sites, I'm always on the lookout for more good ones.


Does anyone have a copy of Street Smarts by Laurence A. Connors & Linda Bradford Raschke they want to sell at a sensible price?

PM me if you have
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