Book by Tony Oz

I have read both of Tony's books. I would suggest you need to read his first book 'Stock Trading Wizard' before reading 'The Stock Trader'. The first covers the theory the second the practice. Tony trades large cap NASDAQ stocks in the 15 minute to 6 hour time frame, a cross between day trade scalping and swing trading. Some of his methods can be gleaned from his website at and the campanion page to the book at

The 'The Stock trader' covers Tony's trades (all long) in detail for four weeks (starting March 20 2000). A total 116 trades with a win ratio of 64.6% and a return of 33% on inital capital of $50k. Over this period the NASDAQ was down over 30%.

Hope this helps.

thanks Dipper.

I'll may both of them. I read few reviews about both books on but some were mixed. I just wanted to know someone's opinion before sending my money.

By the way if you want to meet Tony and find out how he trades he is talking at the Online Trading Expo ( next month in New York.