Article Bonds in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

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One of the asset classes that can be productively used by many investors is fixed-income investments – bonds. I have been asked several times recently about the wisdom of investing in bonds in an environment of rising interest rates. That’s what I’ll address here.
The reason that the question comes up is that when interest rates go up, the value of all existing fixed-rate bonds goes down. If we expect that interest rates will go up, as most people do, then are we not saying that the value of any bonds that we invest in will go down? Could we have a net loss on the bond investments? If so, should we avoid bonds until we think that rates have peaked out? Or is there something else that can be done?
First, let’s briefly review the relationship between interest rates and bond prices. The rate of interest that a bond issuer originally set on the bonds was the lowest amount that they could pay at the time, given the general price level of money – i.e. the prevailing interest rates. The...
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I gave this a 10 as it is a good introduction to bonds. With interest rates expected to go higher, bond prices (market prices) will fall as bond yields (coupon) increase for new issue bonds. This would indicate to the ordinary investor to stay away from bonds for now. As always, the big question with trading, or investing, is timing.

Very good introduction article for anyone interested in learning more about fixed income trading/investing.

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