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Hi Everyone,

I have recently switched from a pulsating screen of indicators to the absolute basics, as I was beginning to lose sight of the market. I have had staggeringly good fortune in the last month trading with just double top and bottom formations in combination with Bollinger support at the deafult 20/2 setting. On EURUSD it is uncannily good at signalling a reversal on the second top/bottom touching the band (on that criteria generating a couple of opportunities a day on the 5 min chart). I would be very interested to hear what other settings and timeframes people have had success with. I won't be posting my results - I am not as brave as others on the forums!

As I write EURUSD is nicely sat at 1.1585 - watch for the breakout at 7am!!

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Hi Healey

Welcome to T2W :)

The 20/2 setting is the default setting for most charting packages. It uses a 20 period moving average with a 2 standard deviation to create the 3 lines. A moving average, an upper band and a lower band

HTH :)


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Many thanks, kind Sirs ! As a beginner, all help is invaluable.

I have found a real gold mine of information on indicators in Each of about 100 indicators and concepts are explained in a very readable way.

But I still have unanswered questions which perhaps someone could help with :

1. Where can I find FOREX charts with good indicator functionality for free ? Unless I am missing a trick, BIGCHARTS only seems to do stocks ?

2. Do any of the free services offer on-line realtime updates ?

3. What brokers do you guys use for FOREX trading? Is there anything different one should look for out of a FOREX broker compared to equities / CFDs / spread betting ?

Many thanks in anticipation.
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