Bitcoin sharing the stage with gold and silver?

noel watson

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Hello everybody!

Now that the bear market is fully underway for conventional stocks do you share my belief that at least some of the money from the bailout will land in the coffers of not only gold and silver but also bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

As the entire crypto market cap is tiny in comparison to that of the combined stock market wealth even a small percentage finding its way into the crypto space would have a substantial effect on crypto price action.


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This is very interesting question. I think that answer is yes as I also expect at least BTC to become slowly safe-haven for investors. BTC is still lacking stability and price predictability in order to be in wider use for this purpose


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That would be awesome, but the thing is that the bearish trend is over before it even really started :) Of course maybe something got laid in crypto at that moment...At least bitcoin is going up, rather than down already for three months. ..However, it was quiet during the summer, and then again it collapsed.
It is important to understand here, that even during the crisis on the traditional financial markets (and in December it was far from the crisis) bitcoin will not remain "safe haven", "safe assets", and so on. It is still very risky, too unpredictable, even if the markets collapse. In such cases, investors can drop off something in crypto just because of hopelessness, but I doubt that this is gonna be some big numbers. The main volumes still will go into gold, silver and maybe property. So the only thing left is to count that this crumbs will be enough to raise the crypto market with its still comparably small volumes.
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