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Has anyone used BIS as a datafeed, either via satellite or internet, and could provide an opinion on what it is like please?


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Hello Bunnyip,

I used to use it but i changed it then to tenfore because had a few problems with the old version, it did not work with vsa4 at the time, (partly due to vsa). But a few colleagues have gone back to it now and it works fine.

Its a good clean little feed, competeitively priced, has all the major markets and good charting tools. Works with third party software, e.g. omniview, omnicom and Tradestation, VSA.

you can try it free for two weeks via internet at

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Scrappy.

I am actually thinking of coming off Tenfore due to continued technical problems (I use their satellite service) and it seems to require continual technical intervention to keep it going!!

How do you rate Tenfore against BIS? Was it just the vsa issue that caused you change across? Did you use satellite or internet? Thanks.


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Yes it was just the vsa issue that caused me to change over, for some reason i just could not get it working all day and the data went all haywire.

I have been with tenfore for about four years now and although they are more expensive than BIS i just feel used to them now. Not had any problemss with the satelite feed.

I think that if there are any problems that they are with the pc or the software loaded on to it. My colleague uses vsa and had problems, he now uses bis and his machine is more stable???


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Has anyone done any detailed evalutation of the BIS feed?

Do they use tick netting on any of the markets they offer?
How much of the original exchange data is lost with this feed?
What is the reliability like?


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I'm trying to get VSA7 running in realtime. Unfortunately the old OmniView , which should support it ,isn't available any more . ( I found it nowhere ) Is there another possibility to connect with e-signal?
Thank you in advance
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