Birmingham? is it a safe city?


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Any chance of a ticket or two to see the Toon Army then? Perhaps you have a Director's Box... :cheesy:

Car Key Boi

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we didn't go in the end, we went to a BBQ party thrown by my brother-in-law (Trinis do love their BBQs

just as well i suppose, as her team got whipped again
There's another WI/England game due to be played here in London, but i think we're flying back that weekend, but we might be able to catch the first couple of days of the match. We'll see.

yes Rongvald, Maria is indeed a treasure even thou she always scolding me and sucking up to Mrs Key Boi :(

to dsmodi,
even thou the Carkeyboi website is still up and running (in spite of a Cease & Desist order from Swiss-tech Tools) i have retired from keying up cars. I must confess, i do miss it :( but when i married Mrs. Key Boi, a number of vows were made by myself and i intend to honor them


to Richard,


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Hey CKB,

It's always good to hear from you.

You made a smart move not going to Birmingham. It's a weird place.

I once spent two days trying to get out of the town-centre one-way system. Ended up having to drive through the post office !

Take care Dude.



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oh well, at least u still have the name....does she even know about the CKB name you use?
Just out of interest, ask her what name she'd like you to use on these boards.
And, FWIW (probably not much, but still), respect ta ya for sticking to your word matey ;)
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