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looking for a QUALITY signal software or service. What are some of the better choice out there? My main focus is binary options currency pairs. Any suggestions orhelp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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looking for a QUALITY signal software or service. What are some of the better choice out there? My main focus is binary options currency pairs. Any suggestions orhelp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi, Onlinetrader81,

I trade only weekly options and binary options off both the CBOE (listed options) and NADEX (binary options). I am a full-time trader and trade during the 1st couple of hrs of the London and NYC sessions daily.

If you trade the major pairs, you can often get better % payouts - as high as 85% to 90% on the major pairs. So do your due diligence to seek out the highest payout brokers to maximize winning payouts.

There are several autobot, trading robots, EAs, etc., for forex trading. However I do not recommend these - too many trades and too long of exposure in the marketplace.

With regards specifically to binary options trading signals/services, it may be helpful if you can better define your trading style and objectives: :smart:

1. Do you plan to trade the Asian, London, and/or NY sessions? Precisely what times? Opening or closing sessions?
2. Which binary option expiry do you prefer? For example, Franco (Binary Options Trading Signals) has a live chat/feed that deal with turbo expiry options (2 mins or less).
3. How many days per week are you expecting to trade?

Please note - whenever you trade in binary options - it is critical:

4. To match the binary option expiry length with the correct chart time-frame and its trading setups.
5. Since binary options trading is 0% or 100% (ie lose vs win - no hedging), you must be willing and ready to fire up to 2-3 "bets" into a valid trading setup.

I would not recommend just trading and "gambling" the martingale and 5-digit binary option methods frequently shown on YouTube! You only want to risk large $$$ bets on valid trading setups (and time-frames) with the correctly-matched binary option expiry period.

Just a couple of binary options services for you to conduct due diligence:

6. Binary Options Trading Signals - Franco is the trader. Live chat room and Skype feed. Trades mostly turbo - sometimes 15mins and rarely hourly expiry. Promotional materials indicate some 75%+ accuracy. Trading on NY session 0930am EST thru 1130am EST. Pricing = $97 per 2 wks. (

7. TradingActionPatterns - realtime full alert trading service for weekly options and binary options. NOT a live chatroom. Signals delivered via SMS or email to End-User. Sessions & markets involved = Asian, London, NY sessions scanned. Expiry used = primarily 15min, 30min, hourly, daily expiry. Occ will use weekly expiry. Trader/End-User specifies which Expiry length and which trading session desired. Around the clock scanning and surveillance for setups. Pricing = depends on Expiry and frequency of trading setups desired per week = from $50/wk to $150/week. Trading accuracy 80%+. (info.TAPS[email protected] - no public domain website)

8. Binary Options Live Signals (BOLS) - several binary options services including Skype live chat service, plus email alert service. Expiry duration 15 mins primarily. Trades all Asian, London, NY sessions. Pricing = $200/mo to $500/mo depending on # of email alerts desired . Forex signals via Skype $297/mo for 1 session or $888/mo for all sessions. Accuracy 83% - 90%+. (

Please note - I am NOT affiliated nor compensated by any of the above services. These are just the longest-running binary options trading signal services that has "survived" the binary options scams, blowouts, etc. :whistling

In general - I avoid Skype-based subscriptions. Way too noisy and wasted mental energy - also can be too hyped up during volatile trading sessions. I prefer receiving my alerts realtime via email (see 7 & 8 above) - then under a quiet highly focused environment I decide to trade or not.

One quick difference between (7) and (8) above - again on the non-Skype services only. Item (7) delivers various binary option expiry periods that are well-matched to the various trading time-frames of its algorithms. In addition the setups from (7) is usually a "Pullback" setup in a lower time-frame designed to exploit an existing trend/momentum setup in a higher time frame. For Item (8), the signals are primarily generated off a single time frame and it uses only 15-min Expiry options. Much of the time the setups are from "breakouts" or "momentum" setups.

So - you must carefully evaluate: (y)

9. What hours you plan on trading and which session(s) - then match to service.
10. Do you enjoy noise/constant talking and analyses and opinions? Yes? Skype. No? Then email/SMS service only.
11. Do you prefer trading Pullbacks? Yes? Then (7) best. Prefer breakouts or momentum price moves? Yes? Then (8) best - or (1) if can tolerate Skype.

Well, that's all the services I've tracked and observed with some degree of consistency and high-accuracy trading signals for binary options. Don't forget - you may be called upon to fire 2 or 3 consecutive trades into a trading setup. That is the nature of binary options trading.

By the way - all of the services above (6)-(8) offer at least a FREE trial of some form. So check it out - test it yourself - make some profits hopefully and then subscribe for a longer trial! :sneaky:

Hope it all helps! Please share whatever observations, ideas, etc., if you find out more binary options services. :idea:

Best regards,

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