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Hello everyone,

What do you guys think about the need for a level II platform if you were to trade on an end-of-day trend following system? In other words, I will not be able to do day trading, so I guess you only need Level 2 if you want live prices and to be able to view the order book?

Moreover, what would be the best platform based on your experience? There are a lot of different opinion about financial market websites such as AVDFN, Sharepad, IG, etc. and for someone new to trading like me could be a bit daunting.

Many thanks in advance


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if you are looking at end of day, trend trading you dont need level 2.
Best platform may depend on what you are looking to trade and how. I use sharepad and sharescope. mostly for the data, which i cant get anywhere else. I also use an online app trading view.
if you are new, i'd look at perhaps using a small selection of stocks/etfs with which to trade on, rather than something that screens thousands of potential options. its unnecessary.
also depending on what you want to trade you may well find something free will suffice
prorealtime offers delayed data and more than suitable for end of day prices and giving you the technical information you may need
i wouldnt use broker prices personally so you should be looking at a 3rd party. I think IG and prorealtime have some sort of deal going on, but thats for live prices, which you dont need


Thanks for your reply.
To clarify, I am looking to invest in stocks, I am not interested in forex or crypto. I want to keep it "simple" and I am more interested in the old good company shares.


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It depends on your level of experience and how much risk you want to take. If you are naive then you should definitely start with the stock market as it is not very risky. If you are a professional, and willing to take risks, then you should go for forex as you can make good profits there. Crypto is good but you need to have a deep knowledge of everything going on in the market as it is very risky.
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