Being a Successful Trader


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utter bollox

Good effort but seems to me that you are collecting information on the basis of broker point of view who still is new and want to collect the data of the sentiment and the age basis but still I have taken the survey and thanks it really helps a lot when you really want to know where you stands after years of trading.

Stop posting bollox simply to spam threads with the url in your posts.
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Yeah Neil, sorry to feel that my survey is not good. But my intention is to learn from experienced traders and then post the results here so that everyone can learn from it.

For of those of you that want to share their experience as a trader and what you think makes a successful trader, then please have a go at this survey.


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Just to clarify, I don't work for a dealer or anything like that. The most important part of the survey is the ranking of the what you think is key to being successful. Like how highly do you rank ability such as motivation.


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Hi ted,

What I think it makes a successful trader are the following,

Positive emotional setup is highly important, but it's quickly drained away, assuming you get a row of losses or broker simply steals your money. Doing business online take care of your funds first.
Simple example. Before LR shutdown I made withdrawal of XXXX$ to my account there from HF. After LR publicly declared its failure I was sure I lost all my funds there. But thankfully, broker took steps and rescued my money, offering another option of withdrawal. I was happy as a king..
Not knowledge, neither emotional state or skills were able to help to resolve this situation..I could lost all my deposit.
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Thanks for the support. Good to hear people trying to make other traders better.

As for the survey, I've got around 10 responses. Would like if I had more responses. So if there is anyone else interested in telling me what they think are the key things to being a successful trader, please try this survey:

@ted.fitz, Hi again. Fair enough - you may well want more respondents to your survey than just ten respondents to date, but tell us please - how exactly do you know whether all, or even most of those responding to your survey, have a solid idea of what it's like to be a consistently profitable (successful) trader?

And if you don't know how many (if any) of your respondent even know what trading success is, then surely that calls into question whether the survey's results have any relevance, or legitimacy? Sorry to throw a dampener on matters, but doesn't it?

When it comes to trading success, are you really looking to hone the majority's opinion? And if so, given that the majority aren't successful, then why?

Curiouser and curiouser.


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I think key to success is to have your own strategy that fits your trading style and corresponds to your skills, no matter of the account type. Even if you use money manager, you still need to have an investment strategy with clear risk-reward ratio and tolerance to risk.


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It seems like you are looking for an ideal template.
People should cherry pick what they think suits them. Or even better have someone who knows one well to cherry pick the suggestions and maybe add a few.
Facing up to some unpalatable facts could be the hard part. If one can't admit even to oneself one's faults one hasn't a hope of correcting them.
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