Basic ideas are sometimes the best

read your excellent post sefty and decided to join the board.

i very rarely use tech analysis(to lazy to learn it i guess)but i feel i need to get to grips with at least the very basics.

nowadays i tend to daytrade/v.short term my shares with good results as long as i stick with this simple plan.
firstly monitor 10-15 big name tech companies e.g. Baltimore,Psion,Marconi etc.make sure you have a good idea where you think their support levels are( is a good site for people who don't have the use of analysis software,Sukhi,they basicaly do it all for you.)find out if the stocks are about to release results or had a profit warning etc.

now this is the simple bit,wait until the Nasdaq opens and at around 16:00 decide if it's sustaining it's strong opening,if so buy one of your monitored stocks which has dropped to it's support level(or near abouts).never buy the next morning because the spread will be a killer and if you've got a number of stocks to choose from go for the one with the results due.Simple eh!

if the Nasdaq has continued to be strong till the closing bell then over night the MM's should have been at work,the share should open higher and continue to rise through public buying for the first hour or so,that's when you sell and cash in.around about £5000+ is what you need to get started.

you must not jump in,like i have done in the past,thinking a stock wouldn't go any lower only to find a number of bad Nasdaq days dragging it down further(MONI at the moment).there are some big profits to be made soon,when the Nas rallies.use these simple rules,do not stray and enjoy the ride.
using MAs

Started new thread on the Technical analysis board. titled Using moving averages.

I'll post the AIQ ftse100 crossovers every week. Hopefully on a friday night otherwise on sat.

have fun

DTS........Nice first post and makes a lot of sense. Not checked out the prognosis, but sounds interesting to me to try out.

Look forward to your further posts, and welcome to the "club"

Best wishes


If anyone has AIQ or a similar system and would be interested in doing the above weekly report on my behalf i would be interested and of course we could discuss some reward

The simple answer is i haven't traded very at all life got in the way.
But i couldn't resist these markets. :)
By the way this strategy will not make you rich over night but if you could make say 5% per month clear profit and you started of with £5000, instead of taking that profit you compounded it by rolling it onto the next months pick (s) then in 2yrs time your 5K would be worth about £15,350
3yrs £27,500 4yrs £49,380 5yrs £88.600

Makes you think!

I'm thinking. "Life got in the way" ?!!!

Sorry, Sefty, I don't mean to come across as hypercritical. Life does indeed get in the way sometimes and I believe it's a bad idea to attempt to trade when it does. But goddam, the sheer compound interest of it all ...

And thanks for a brilliant thread. Hope life lets you earn the rewards of it.