Backtesting - Using the right tools for the job.


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Hi all,

Using the old "been there, done that" theory I have to ask the audience on this one.

I need some backtesting software, I know what I need but it is still very confusing so as not to make the wrong choice.

I need to backtest some intraday strategies on currencies, I do not need live feeds, i just need to be able to plug in data (in a common format) and the software to produce the lines in the charts.

I need the BT software to run very simple strategies like get in when EMA crosses and get out when profit or loss hit. Now I have no experience with BT software (just using xl at moment) so they may all do this simple stuff, apologies for sounding a little dumb if they do.

What I thought was that I could use Amibroker with some historical intraday data on currencies, can you tell me if this would meet my requirements?

Any suggestions welcome.

Thank you.


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I use Metastock. Very good imo, but can't test a strategy which closes at end of day (unless someone knows better).
I believe that Tradestation also has BT facilities.


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TS will do what you require. I have yet to find a better system for BT.
They recently incorporated FX into their latest TS7.o web based product. Worth a look if you are serious and prepared to invest the monthly fee.
If they are intraday why do u not need live feeds?
For simple stuff I do not know TS will produce different results than xl but it will certainly allow you to mess about with parameters and analyse results far more effectively


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If you're wanting to import data then I'd go for Trade Station 2000i or Wealth Lab as methods of choice (Wealth Lab being cheaper but AFAIK less user friendly, at least it seemed pretty un-user friendly to me). Does Amibroker do intra-day? If so they're probably a decent bottom range option. Metastock Real Time is a very expensive option which AFAIK is a lot less functional than Tradestation.

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